Elementor Pro Review: Read Before Buying Elementor PRO

Not sure whether the Elementor page builder is the best page builder for your WordPress website? In this updated Elementor PRO review, you will get complete information to help you make the final decision.

The following Elementor review includes the latest version features of Elementor and a list of its pros and cons. In other words, you will get everything that you need to know about Elementor here.

Elementor Overview

During my days as a novice in the web designing field, I felt my creativity was restricted on WordPress sites. The customization was restrained, and the WordPress page builders available back then were hard to use.

I was also fed up with how slow the web design process used to be. Kills the fun literally!

It was then when my mentor recommended the Elementor page builder. He raved over its ease of use and claimed that it will give an outlet to my creativity significantly.

I never thought the user-friendly, feature-rich plugin would impress me enough to write a full Elementor Pro review!

Honestly, I had a preconceived notion before using Elementor. I assumed that it must be just another page builder for WordPress, the hype around which won’t last long. It didn’t take long for my perception to change of this user-friendly plugin.

My Elementor review, in a nutshell, would be that it makes the job of website design speedy, fun, and highly functional!

Why Elementor is a Better Page Builder Than The Rest?

The WP Elementor plugin is a dream come true for designers who always wanted a drag and drop page builder. One that lets you design a page rich with features without ever needing to code.

To make a final decision of buying this plugin, keep on reading the detailed Elementor pro review from a first-hand user.  Let’s see how with over 5 million installations, Elementor became the most powerful WordPress page builder plugin ever.

elementor is popular page builder

As you can see, currently most WordPress users using Elementor page builder to customize their wordpress website.

Note: The users’ data in Elementor and Beaver builder come from WordPress.org. Contrarily, Divi builder’s users’ data come from the Elegant theme.

What is Elementor?

With a massive 96% rating on WordPress.org, Elementor page builder is conquering the web design arena these days.

elementor pro review

It’s an ideal web page builder for beginners who lack the knowledge of coding. Elementor’s ease of use makes it effortless to build a layout of a website that draws attention.

Do you know? Building an attractive layout of a website is vital to compel a visitor to stay. Almost 40% of visitors leave a site if they find the design unattractive!

WordPress Elementor has taken a prominent place in the world of web development. Live drag and drop frontend editing, mobile-friendly layout builder, and a variety of templates are its winning features.

Elementor banishes the common assumption that website designing is a hard task.

You can use several amazing features from the free version of the Elementor plugin. However, some exceptionally advanced features can be unlocked with the premium version called Elementor Pro.

Elementor Pro Features

Since its Pro version launch with an additional 700+ add-ons, Elementor has outclassed all the other site builders. It makes professional website development a breeze for developers and entrepreneurs who want to build and run their own websites.

If someone wants me to do an Elementor Pro review in one line, I would say:

“It is worth to pay the affordable Elementor Pro cost if we consider that it makes the web designing process tremendously speedy, intuitive, and flexible.”

I can say this due to the following impressive features that Elementor Pro offers.

Front End Drag and Drop Page Builder

In layman’s terms, the Drag and Drop feature lets you build a responsive webpage by adding features via a live interface. You can view the changes you have made there and then, a quality not possible with back-end page builders.


Elementor lets you take control by giving formatting elements. Such as the column and section to adjust the spacing, backgrounds, and custom margins according to your choice.

Without any coding knowledge required, you can place elements anywhere on to your web page using pre-built templates. The frontend drag and drop page builder’s effortlessness is truly the essence of my Elementor pro review.

The basic widgets that are a part of Elementor builder are:

elements basic elements

On the other hand, upgrading to the pro version will unlock the following additional widgets:

pro elements

Wait, there is a little extra convenience that Elementor pro offers. If you have designed a widget on a page and intend to use it again, save it in the form of Elementor Global Widget. It can now be dragged on to any page that you are designing!

More Than 300 Customized Premium Templates

To save your precious time and maintain consistency, Elementor Pro has numerous readymade, full-page templates you can choose from. What could be better than a professional-looking template which is easily insertable with a click?

elementor review

By using a template, your professional looking website will be ready within a few clicks. Whether you are looking for a beautiful eCommerce template or one for your digital marketing agency, The Elementor template library has it all. It is, hands down, the best feature for beginners while useful for accelerating experienced designers’ workflow.

100+ Ready made Blocks

For any of your website’s inner sections, like the contacts section, testimonials, or FAQs, Elementor Pro gives you more than 100 templates to opt from. You can browse from the blocks templates to select an appropriate one for your webpage and customize it with your content.

elementor pro review

Mobile-Friendly Layout Builder

Website design statistics reveal that Its crucial to design a mobile-friendly website. If a web page isn’t mobile-friendly, 70% of people visiting it will quickly go back to the search page.

Traffic to your website will mostly come via mobile phones. Therefore, you must ensure that your website looks equally well-designed on a mobile phone as on the desktop.

Elementor pro allows you to create a mobile responsive website by using its built-in device previews.  Also featured as a part of Elementor’s responsive design is the toggle option. You can use it to hide an element that you do not wish to get viewed on mobile.

elementor pro

Custom Header and Footer Builder

Most free page builders do not give you access to edit areas on your webpage other than the content section. Coding knowledge is needed to edit the header and footer sections.

The Elementor Theme Builder gives you the flexibility of designing the header and footer of your webpage. Customizing headers and footers is a highly desired feature. Plus, the good part is that you can do it on any WordPress theme.

You have an option to choose from the pre-designed header/footer templates and tweak them as per your requirements. Moreover, Elementor Pro lets you have full control over your headers and footers by conveniently dragging and dropping the widgets.

You can take advantage of the device preview option here to adjust elements for mobile and tablet devices. For instance, a column on your landing page that seems inappropriate for mobile can be hidden via this feature.

Attractive Pop-up Builder

Buying the pro version of Elementor also enable you to create pop-ups using the widgets and features. The pop-up builder is added directly to Elementor Pro’s interface.

The best thing about the pop-ups created through Elementor pro is that they do not affect the page load time. Unlike when you build the pop-ups with javascript, page loading time is usually compromised.

WP Elementor page builder’s pop-up creator lets you add dynamic data to the pop-ups you create. This facilitates the customization of the pop-up according to the visitors’ preferences. You can show a sale on a specific product that they are currently viewing.

In addition to that, the pop-up builder integrates with significant email marketing software like Mailchimp or Mailerlite. 

Woocommerce Support

The go-to plugin for WordPress to create an online shop is Woocommerce. It is the power behind 33% of the world’s online stores!

The good news is that Elementor pro is compatible with Woocommerce. Together, they work like a charm to enhance the value of your product.

 If you need to build an online store, you can create amazing product pages with an Elementor builder. You can also add specific features for e-commerce. Like the ‘add to cart’ button, product rating, or breadcrumbs with the Woo-commerce page builder using Elementor pro.

woocommerce support

It’s time to lay down the pros and cons of Elementor pro in an honest way. I want to help you decide whether the Elementor pro pricing you will pay is justified or not. Elementor Pro has numerous additional widgets that increase design possibilities, a key difference of the free vs. pro version. Hence, using these will bring increased conversions to your website.

Explaining the Advantages in the Elementor Pro Review

Allows Managing Access

Role management in Elementor Pro is similar to how you do it on WordPress. You can assign specific editing power to any user with access. It’s in your hand to decide the limit to this power.

Managing the role of users was never easier as it is today with Elementor Pro. The following roles are available:

  • Editor
  • Author
  • Contributor
  • Subscriber
  • SEO Manager
  • SEO Editor

With restricted access to each type of role, you will be able to secure your website design from accidental ruining.

elementer pro review

30 Days Guarantee With Full Refund

 Elementor Pro offers an upfront money-back guarantee for 30 days if you change your mind about it.

Undoubtedly, Elementor Pro support is pretty swift at sorting out any issue you have. However, it is still possible to get a refund if you are not satisfied within 30 days. As a result, you can be sure that your money is safe with them!

Works With All WordPress Themes

Elementor Pro is compatible with nearly all of the WordPress theme. Therefore, you don’t have to give up on your favorite theme. It will let you create a website with a great interface!

It would be best to search for the WordPress version and Php level required by Elememtor. Usually, Elementor Pro prescribes that your hosting service supports PHP 7.0 version or up. The top-most seamlessly integrated WordPress themes are Ocean WP, Generate press, and Astra.

Using good quality hosting is vital for a website that loads fast and is SEO friendly. And with Elementor, you get a well-built page on a good host, which is surely a winning combo!

Incredible Customer Support For 1 Year

All the Elementor Pro reviews you read will agree on the fantastic customer support offered by Elementor.

This is one of the most valid reasons to buy Elementor Pro! You will have access to their fantastic team for support round the clock. Rather than trying to navigate through a perplexing process yourself, you can ask help from the Elementor pro support team.

I can say that with an experience that they will help you out whenever you are stuck!

Integrated With Gutenberg

Gutenberg is a text editor for WordPress that web designers use to create content blocks on a webpage. Elementor editor does the job well, especially for shorter content. Still, developers from Elementor have made it possible for Elementor and Gutenberg to work together.

You can switch to the Elementor text editor from Gutenberg whenever you want. Besides, a post that is built on Gutenberg can be designed with Elementor. Similarly, you can even use Elementor blocks on any Gutenberg post very easily.

The latter two options will work well while designing a blog page with longer content.

Explaining the Disadvantages in the Elementor Pro Review

Lack of Schema in Custom Header

This drawback may be trivial for many, but I found the schema’s lack of the header builder quite bothersome. Sometimes we add codes like FB pixel or /google tracking code in your theme. The code will not work on the custom header of the page created via the Elementor page builder.

Perhaps if Elementor Pro developers consider this matter, implementing Schema in the headers/footers would help SEO.

Additional Add-on Of Create An Issue

While using Elementor’s premium version, I often felt that using an additional add-on to create an issue feels annoying. But as Elementor Pro introduces new features rapidly, I am sure this issue will soon be history.

After comparing the free vs. pro plugin, my Elementor pro review is that it lives up to the expectations quite well.

Elementor Pro Price Table

You can buy the pro version of the Elementor Pagebuilder plugin at a very affordable price. If we talk about the Elementor Pro price, it is significantly less if we consider the countless web design capabilities.

The Elementor Pro offers the following plans as of now:

For 1 SiteFor 3 SitesFor 1000 Sites
50+ Pro Widgets50+ Pro Widgets50+ Pro Widgets
300+ Pro Templates300+ Pro Templates300+ Pro Templates
Theme BuilderTheme BuilderTheme Builder
Woo Commerce BuilderWoo Commerce BuilderWoo Commerce Builder
Popup BuilderPopup BuilderPopup Builder
Support for 1 YearSupport for 1 YearSupport for 1 Year
Updates for 1 YearUpdates for 1 YearUpdates for 1 Year

Elementor Promo Code

Behold, as you have stayed with me until now in this Elementor review, I have a little something for you.

It a step by step guide to get the Elementor Pro Plugin!

elementor pro pricing
  • Fill up the necessary personal information (email address, name, country), leave the optional infoboxes if you don’t have any.
elementor review
  • Leave the box asking for the Elementor promo code empty.
elementor pro discount code
  • Continue to check-out for making the payment.
elementor pro review

The process is a piece of cake, just like Elementor pro itself is!

Compare Elementor page builder with other WP Page Builder:

Elementor Pro Review FAQs

Is Elementor a Plugin?

Elementor is a WordPress plugin to design pages of your website. It is a highly convenient plugin for web designers who want to speed up their workflow and develop beautiful websites.

Is Elementor Pro worth it?

Statistics tell us that 59% of people would go for beautifully designed websites instead of plain ones!
Therefore, Elementor Pro is definitely worth buying considering the stat above. It lets you do all the magic while providing you with an arsenal to unleash your creativity in web design.

Is Elementor free?

Elementor is a free plugin and offers a lot on a plate without charging a dime. However, upgrading its premium version, Elementor Pro, will open unlimited features for you to use like more than 50 additional widgets, plus 300+ templates.

How much does Elementor cost?

You don’t have to break the bank to buy Elementor Pro. It is pretty affordable, starting as low as $49 per year. Refer to the price table given above for detailed pricing policy.

Parting Thoughts

I have used Elementor Pro to design some amazing websites. I can safely that it is undoubtedly the best page builder for WordPress. It will save your time and efforts while giving you a professional-looking website with its pre-built styles.

Above all, you get the best deal on Elementor using the this link I have given in my Elementor Pro review!

Thanks for staying with me till the end. Do let me know if you wish to see some beginner-friendly Elementor Pro tutorials. I will be more than happy to do that!

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